Sunday, September 14, 2014


Hello everyone!

        Lately I love going through my make up and use some products that I haven't touched in a while, that is just so therapeutic for me. And today while my baby was down for her nap I rediscover the best lipstick ever and I just can not forgive myself for not using this brand new lipstick . I got this one a while ago,  the first one that I got I gave i to my sister and then when I got another one for myself somehow it got berried with my other lipsticks and just now I realized I have it.
       I'm talking about Rimmel Kate Moss 102.The first thing I love about it is the smell , OMG I can not get over how yummy the smell is, and so soft and buttery on you lips. It comes in great quality red packaging and it is so affordable I believe I got it for 5$. It is supper easy to apply and it looks good on every skin color. The collection has 7-10 other shades and I'm sure I got a few other but I this one was my favorite. Here are a some photos, If you haven't tried it please do you won't regret it .

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  1. loving that color!!!
    xo Jessica