Friday, June 13, 2014


Hello everyone!

  I'm sure that all beauty boogers and make up lovers have way more stuff then any other girl, and most of those things are never used and get stored in a drawer somewhere. I tend to hoard brushes thinking I really need them and I'm definitely gonna use them, but in reality I really almost never use a lot of them.   Today I'm gonna show you my most used brushes ever, you'll see from the pictures that they are used frequently. All of them are used in my daily make up routine which is pretty simple and easy to do and I apply most of the products with my clean fingers .

1. This is an amazing brush and I use it on my lid, crease, outer v, bottom of my does it all and it is the E25 blending brush by Sigma. (I need to get a new one this one is all beaten up)

2. Sigma E30 pencil brush - I usually don't do eye liner every day so I use this brush to define my eye or if I want my crease color to be more defined.

3. Anther brush that I can't live without is the Max Factor eyeshadow brush , amazing quality and so affordable, I use it the same as the E25 brush .

4. For the days that I do use any type of eyeliner I use the E65 small angle brush by Sigma

5. I've been using this brush to do my eye brows for more them five years and I absolutely love it. It is the angel brush from GOSH

6. This next brush is my go to brush for blush and highlight , you have more control whit it and it leaves just the right amount of product on your face and it is the F55 small duo fiber brush by Sigma

7. Last but not least is the ARTDECO kabuki brush and it is amazing for mineral foundations since I tend to gravitate more towards mineral foundations I use it very often

8. And now I know  you are thinking how do I contour -I use cream rather then powder and I apply it under my mineral foundation using  a beauty blender and it works great . This one is from Ebelin and I also use it for concealer and liquid foundation

 That is it
I hope you found this interesting


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  2. This is so lovely, you have a great blog. Have an amazing day!