Saturday, April 12, 2014


Hello everyone!

Today's post is a review , whats new right :) I love sharing with all of you my experiences of all the new products I try . This product has been around for ages, and now that I have used up some of my old foundations I could get some new to try out. And here is my personal and honest opinion of the product, actually two products.

Bourjois healthy mix foundation and concealer 

Lets start with the concealer,


 Packaging is a squeeze tube -works well
A little goes a long way -you only need a tear drop to conceal your whole face
It concealed my dark circles perfectly
Lasted a long time -I wore it for 7-8 hours and it handled pretty well  
 It was 9$ at my local drugstore

It did settle into my fine lines a bit -but not too much were it is showing a lot 

I got this foundation when my skin was acting up and it was getting oilier then usual

Coverage is great it evened out my skin and covered my imperfections well ( I used it without the concealer so I can see the coverage )
Packaging is great- a pump is a must in my dictionary
Long lasting- I don't know if it lasts 16hours cause I've only had it for 7-8 hours , after 7 hours it looked good 
The consistency of the foundation is a bit more thick then the concealer , but you can blend it easily and build it up  for more coverage 
it was 18$ at my local drugstore


Nothing negative


  After using it for a few days I found that this foundation enhanced my dry spots and did not look appealing on me so I ended up giving it to my sister because she has oily to combination skin and she loved it . The foundation looked so much better on her skin  so keep that in mind when your getting this particular foundation. As far as concealer goes I gave that to my sister to just to see if it'll work better on her and it most definitely did. it did not setlle in her fine lines so I think my problem it was that my skin is usually dry especially in colder weather. Every foundation worked diferent on everyone , but if you have oily skin and are looking for a drugstore foundation and concealer, try them for sure.

I hope you found this review helpful


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