Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hello everyone!!!

   After using a lot of different hair colors, trying everything that is out there to purchase I finally can say that I found the perfect one. I am coloring my hair since forever, and I always had the same problems with hair colors-they would dry out my hair, wont last a long time, and a lot of them made my hair fall out a lot. The last product I got to test out was the Revlon Color silk in No. 33 Dark soft brown.

First impressions : The product it is easy to apply, it did not dry my hair whatsoever, and it gave me a beautiful glowing hair, the color lasted longer then all of the others that I've recently tried

The claims : It claims on the packaging that leaves hair in better condition , has UV defense , ammonia free.

The selection:The color selection is good , there are not a lot of different colors to chose from , but in my opinion it has enough colors to satisfy everyone.

Prize: It was 8$ at my local drugstore, very affordable

After using it for a while : After three months of using this hair color I've noticed a lot less hair fall out, my hair looks supper shine all the time, the color is not fading away after few washes. 

Overall: I really love this product a lot, it made my hair look a lot better then it use to. If you are searching for a good hair color that lasts long and has great coverage then you should definitely try this one As far as other drugstore hair colors go I have a long list of once that I did not like at all, but I don't want to talk negative about other companies, so that is why I'm shearing here on my blog only the products I like and I find them usefull.

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  1. Good review!

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  2. Fajna recenzja - bardzo przydatna, bo właśnie rozglądam się za jakąś niezbyt inwazyjną farbą...zamierzam wypróbować :)
    Obserwuję i w wolnej chwili zapraszam do siebie, byłoby mi bardzo miło jeśli ty również dołączyłabyś
    do grona moich obserwatorów ;)


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