Monday, February 10, 2014


Hello everyone!

This post is a bit late on my blog but I decided to post it anyway.

Here they are:

1.Clay mask from Oriflame, I used it three times until now and I like it, plus it's organic 

2. Maybelline Colorama nail polish and this one is clear , I rarely use color lately

3. Garnier BB cream- I love it , I use it every single day

4. Taft blow dry energizer - I talked about this product in one of my posts very nice and affordable

5. ITSJUDYTIME palette- I absolutely love it, It is my go to palette, I never use other eyeshadow

6. Golden Rose lip gloss- I like this one a lot, it has gold shimmer inside and smells like fruits

7. CHANEL sublimage creame- I received this as a mixed up order but I ended up keeping it. It is for mature skin but I don't mind it moisturizes really well

8. And last but not least CHANEL mademoiselle lipstick my all time favorite, you can mine looks funky cause I use it a lot

That is it for my January beauty favorites
Thank you

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