Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hello everyone!

 Finally the holidays are over and even though I enjoy being around family I really get tired after a long month of seeing everyone and having guests to sleep over. Now that we are back to the normal routine I can finally write on my blog , I missed that a lot. 
Now I'll talk about a product that I loved this past month and I've been using it a lot, It's the TAFT keratin blow dry energizer . You use it on damp hair and it is supposed to lift up your hair and make it smooth and give it a lot of volume. In the past I really did not use any products like this one just because I didn't need it, but now that my hair is not as good looking I needed a product that is affordable, assessable and easy to use.


Prize: This is a very affordable product I got it for 5$ at my local drugstore. And you get 150 ml of product, witch is good because you only use a little (I pump 4 times)

Packaging : I love products that are easy to use- It comes with a pump ( a must have for me)

Positive : I like that it does what it claims and does not make your hair sticky, gives it volume and shine, and the blow dry lasts longer without adding an additional hair spray .

Negative: Other thing that this product claims is that it lasts for 48h and that for me did not happen, maybe because I have a supper thin hair and the second day I usually wear my hair up.That was the only thing that I didn't like about it.

Overall: I like this product a lot, especially for the prize and that you can find it everywhere . 

As always I like to keep it short and simple
That is it 
If you have any questions feel free to ask them
Thank you

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