Monday, December 9, 2013


Hello everyone!!!

       I am not sure if Hemel products are available World wide , but I just had to share with you a this great product that I discovered. After I gave birth my hair started falling out to the point that I couldn't even wear my hair down , it was flat , straight, no volume , and no meter what I did nothing worked. After a few months using combination of hair products and vitamins I can now say that I am half way through getting my hair to be where I wanted. Those products that I used for boosting hair growth can be used limited time only and after that I was in a search for a good shampoo that will keep my hair looking nice. And when I found this one my search was over, because this is the perfect one for me , at least for now and for the state that my hair is at .I know everybody has different hair and this may not work for everyone but for me personally it is great. It is the Hemel Power max shampoo for oily hair.

       This product is super concentrated, I use litterally two drops to wash my hair. Althow the packaging is pretty small it lasts a long time. Since I started using it I've noteced that I don't have to wash my hair that often now, I can skip a day or two and look presentable. It is honey based and contains herbs in it. 
      As far as cost goes , that is another great thing it is supper affordable I got it for 4 $, isn't that amazing.  If you have oily hair and you have to wash it every day this product is deffinitelly for you . 

    I hope this was helpfull for some of you , I like to keep my product reviews short , so that is it
 Thank you