Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hello everyone!

    This will be an update on my baby and my postpartum recovery. It's been two and a half months since I gave birth to my baby girl, and now I can say for sure that I am the old me again , except for the breastfeeding part witch I'll get in to later. My episiotomy is healed completely , and not sore at all, I had my 6 week check up and the doctor told me everything is back to normal. My concern is my belly I still have the linia negra, the last month of my pregnancy I got some stretch marks and the have gotten lot liter but definitely visible,and of course my belly is not all tight and firm as I want it to be, but hopefully in a few mounts I'll get there.
    As far as breastfeeding goes every day it gets better and better,the only thing is I have too much milk supply and my baby can't eat it all, so at first I started pumping a lot and that just made things worse so I stopped that and now I still have the same problem but as my baby grows she needs more food so that makes things a lot more easier.

And now lets talk about my baby girl ...

        She is a perfect healthy baby, that needs a lot of my time and attention. On the last doctors appointment they measured her height and weight and she is above average height witch is a good thing-my tall beautiful daughter. She wants to sleep in my arms a lot and can't find another way to put her to sleep other then by rocking her. A first it was not difficult to do that but now that she is 5kg I have major back pains.People say I should let her cry herself to sleep , but I can not possibly do that because I really hate to let her cry that much, so until I find another way to put her to sleep rocking her in my arms is my only option. Lately she smiles a lot , and seeing her like that melts my heart .

 Here she is the one and only Mila , my baby girl, my sunshine, my everything...

That is it for this update
Thank you