Monday, February 18, 2013


Hello everyone!!!

    I actually thought that until now I would have my baby with me, but no, still floating in my belly. Today am 38 weeks and 1 day, feeling great and with no signs of labor. This past few weeks were so hectic, I was shopping, cleaning and washing cloths all the time and now I can say for sure that I am ready to have my little girl, at least my house is ready :). With every day that goes by my anxiety is growing, I'm preoccupied with labor and delivery and the baby, but I guess that is normal at this stage of pregnancy.

Symptoms: Back pain like never before, sleeping is not comfortable at all I can't even get a six hour sleep at night. Other than that nothing else so I guess I'm lucky because I hear from other pregnant women problems that pregnancy  caused them and I don't have any of the symptoms that they are talking about.

 Emotions: Nothing different then the last update, I'm trying to be patient and  not stress over everything

 Weight gain: 8kg overall

Sleep: I don't even wanna talk about it, sleeping is just so impossible lately

 Movement: Moving all the time  and stretching a lot

Gender:  Baby GIRL

  Food cravings: Chocolate and water, I fell dehydrated

 Missing anything:  Sleep, and getting into my old cloths I wanna dress up and wear my high heals 

Looking forward: Seeing my baby

That is it for this week, hopefully next update will be on my labor and delivery 

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Hello everyone!!!

Happy Valentines day :) My hubby is taking me to a romantic dinner tonight and this is the look that I did.I hope you like the look and have a great Valentines day 

Friday, February 8, 2013


Hello everyone!!!

36 weeks and 4 days today:) Now in my 9 month of pregnancy the excitement about the new baby coming into our life's is growing everyday. Hospital bag is ready and we have everything we need for our baby, all of the cloths are washed and organized. I went for my check up yesterday and the doctor sad that everything looks great and I have to relax now and wait, but relaxing is not in my dictionary I am cleaning like crazy and organizing around the house so when the baby comes I have all the time in the world to spend it with my little princes. Here is my belly (hubby did this pic )

It's huge isn't it?

   Symptoms:  As belly grows back pain is getting worse. Sitting and lying down is not so comfortable anymore, now I prefer long walks that helps me with my back pain a lot. Lately I'm having  shortness of breath and it seams impossible for me to have a normal conversation without heavy breathing.

Emotions: All over the place, I drive my husband craze with all of my mood changes. I get so emotional when I watch other babes on TV it makes me cry... I can't even understand myself

Weight gain:  I've gained 7kg overall 

Sleep:  I get up at least two times to go to the bathroom , sleeping is so uncomfortable with the huge belly 

 Movement: Now that there is no space inside movements are sometimes painful for me , but I still enjoy them a lot. 

Gender:  Baby GIRL

  Food cravings:  Loving orange juice and chocolate. 

Missing anything:  Sleep I really would love to have an 8 hour sleep without any interruptions, but I guess I'll have to get used to being interrupted

   Looking forward: For my baby to be here with me, I even dream about her and how I hold her in my arms. I'm so happy that I'm almost at the end of my pregnancy and hoping that everything is gonna go well in labor and delivery.

That is it for this week , maybe this will be my last pregnancy update who knows . I'll definitely let you know when I go into labor through twitter and of course I'll do a post about everything later