Monday, February 18, 2013


Hello everyone!!!

    I actually thought that until now I would have my baby with me, but no, still floating in my belly. Today am 38 weeks and 1 day, feeling great and with no signs of labor. This past few weeks were so hectic, I was shopping, cleaning and washing cloths all the time and now I can say for sure that I am ready to have my little girl, at least my house is ready :). With every day that goes by my anxiety is growing, I'm preoccupied with labor and delivery and the baby, but I guess that is normal at this stage of pregnancy.

Symptoms: Back pain like never before, sleeping is not comfortable at all I can't even get a six hour sleep at night. Other than that nothing else so I guess I'm lucky because I hear from other pregnant women problems that pregnancy  caused them and I don't have any of the symptoms that they are talking about.

 Emotions: Nothing different then the last update, I'm trying to be patient and  not stress over everything

 Weight gain: 8kg overall

Sleep: I don't even wanna talk about it, sleeping is just so impossible lately

 Movement: Moving all the time  and stretching a lot

Gender:  Baby GIRL

  Food cravings: Chocolate and water, I fell dehydrated

 Missing anything:  Sleep, and getting into my old cloths I wanna dress up and wear my high heals 

Looking forward: Seeing my baby

That is it for this week, hopefully next update will be on my labor and delivery 


  1. Aw you look great! :)
    I'm a week behind you and also feel your non-sleeping pain! I've recently managed 3 hours in a row, then I wake up with a dead side and or needing the toilet/to walk around for a bit.. :/
    I'm still convienced that my little one will be early and am prepared as can be, if anything, like you, just feeling a little anxious.

  2. wow , you look amazing !
    I hope that everything will be fine ;)