Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hello everyone!!!

   32 weeks and 5 days today, and I feel great. First when I got pregnant I was scared that pregnancy is going to be the most challenging thing in my life, and so far I am surprised how well I'm handling it. I just have to wait and see how labor and delivery goes, hopefully easy :). Finally the time to start preparing everything is here , and since  yesterday we started organizing , ordering , and making lists about everything. I got a lot of cloths and things she'll need in the first month, I even got her going home outfit - and it is adorable. Still have a lot of shopping to do, and I love it there are so many cute things for little girls. Other than all the shopping and organizing nothing much happened this week, I had my monthly check up and baby is cozy settled in my belly, my doctor even sad that the baby has perfect measurements.Here is my belly 33 weeks 

 Symptoms:  Other then back pain and leg crams nothing much. I got so used to the leg cramps that they don't bother me anymore

Emotions: Happy all the time, buying staff for the baby puts me in a great mood

Weight gain: Still the same as last week 5kg, that is great cause my baby is big enough the only thing is that I don't gain any weight

Sleep:  I guess I'm preparing for sleepless nights already, I don't sleep much , everything is so overwhelming that sleep is the last thing that I need right now

 Movement:  I'm starting to tell the difference between legs, arms , bum, lot of defined movements. I thing my baby is gonna be full of life and energy

Gender:  Baby GIRL

 Food cravings:  Nothing, I just fell more and more dehydrated and I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruits 

 Missing anything: I love being pregnant, and I love my belly but finding something to wear is challenging , I miss wearing my old cloths 

 Looking forward: Labor and delivery , I can't wait to see my girl, and hug her. 

That is all or this weeks update 


  1. you look more pretty sweetie and your angel will be here soon.... :-) excited to be parents, right?

  2. So excited I really can't wait

  3. It is so exciting - you look wonderful!!

  4. wow, you look wonderful.
    would you like to follow each other ?
    kisses dear.

  5. love this!

  6. You look absolutely wonderful :3 Can't wait to see the baby!
    Federica |

  7. Lovely!!! Bet your child is going to be so pretty/handsome!

    Following you now on GFC and Bloglovin! hope you can do the same!

  8. think were due around the same time! :)
    you look great.. i feel like a
    buying things is so fun and exciting.. could actually spend a fortune! my little boy is deffo a Next baby!lol
    sleep as deffo got the best of me too recently, but hey, im a mummy in