Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hello everyone!!!

       In summer I rarely wear make up, because is so hot and I only have mascara and lip gloss on me , but not that is cold again I am using eye shadows and foundation, lip gloss and all that fun stuff .  Here is the look of today.

Hope you like it
Thank you

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


       We may not have all been blessed with a natural size ten frame and legs as long as Naomi Campbell’s, but the good news is we can all achieve the perfect body with a little knowledge, determination and hard work.

To achieve the perfect body five features need to become a consistent part of your lifestyle:
           Healthy eating
·         Drinking plenty of water
·         Regular exercise
·         Looking after your skin
·         Looking after your hair

Eat healthily
To lose weight and, most importantly, maintain your ideal size, eating healthily is essential. It’s a sensible move to make a food diary and write down everything you have consumed in a day as this will let you see exactly what you are eating and identify ways to improve your eating habits.
Junk food such as crisps, chocolate and chips should be avoided at all costs and substituted with plenty of fruit and vegetables, fish and wholegrains.

Drink plenty of water
Your healthy meals should all be flushed down with a generous dose of water. In fact, to own a body that is brimming with health and vitality you should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to help flush out any toxins and make your skin radiant and youthful.

Take regular exercise
To care for your body properly, regular exercise needs to be introduced into your lifestyle. As well as concentrating on cardio fitness, which will burn calories and help you slim down, do regular strength exercises that focus on specific muscle groups to help target weight loss in problem areas.

Look after your skin
For a perfect body in every department, you will need to establish a facial routine that is based on your skin type. Johnson’s Beauty range caters for different skin types, so finding skincare products that are suitable shouldn’t be difficult.
Moisturising daily and applying sunscreen each morning will help keep your skin looking healthy and full of vitality. Regularly exfoliating the skin (at least once a week) will remove any dead skin cells and leave you with radiant, beautiful skin.

Look after your hair
To achieve the perfect body your hair must not go neglected. Use a quality shampoo and conditioner and comb the knots through gently. Visit the hairdressers every eight weeks for a trim to remove any split ends and keep your hair looking vibrant and healthy.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Hello everyone!!!

    I wanted to cut my hair for such a long time, and I finally did. I was at the salon of a couple of times in the past two months , and I always just cut an inch or two, but now I really wanted the change. I cut a lot of my hair but I kind of like it better now.

Do you like it???

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The rich and famous experiment with the best way to remove hair

            From the way celebrities make it look, it seems that having flawless skin, toned bodies and perfectly coordinated outfits is easy. But the truth is celebrities, just like the rest of us, have to work for it. This includes the struggle of finding the best way to remove hair. From the elegant red carpet gowns to the trendy runway outfits, unwanted hair is a major enemy. So which hair removal products  and tactics are celebrities trying these days?


         Yep, even the rich and the famous still use this simple technique. Emmy Rossum, star of Shameless, recently discussed leg shaving with Chelsea Handler on the comedian’s late night show. Rossum confessed she recently taught a young co-star how to shave her legs, while Handler recalled her first time shaving as a girl, a disastrous experience without using soap or water. The male costars in Magic Mike also discussed shaving adventures, with Alex Pettyfer reportedly complaining of skin irritation and saying, “Oh my god, I don't know how women shave.”

Laser hair removal

        Celebrities looking for permanent results often turn to laser hair removal.  Although some celebs prefer to be tight lipped about the procedure, some have discussed it in the open. For example, both Tiffani Thiessen, from Beverly Hills, 90210 and Saved by the Bell, and Alyssa Milano, from Charmed and Who’s the Boss, have had laser hair removal.  Christopher Knight, from The Brady Bunch, made his treatment public – he had laser hair removal performed during an episode of Dr. 90210. While the cost of laser hair removal at a high-end celebrity salon might be out of your budget, not all laser hair removal prices are geared towards celebrity lifestyles. The average cost of laser hair removal for the bikini area is around $500. At-home laser hair removal prices are generally cheaper, with a $400 one-time price tag for a device that can be used on all body parts.

Hairiness not an option

             Despite a few celebrities who’ve come out against hair removal in favor of a natural look – mainly Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls and Mo’Nique, an actress and singer most recently in Precious – the public is weary to accept hairy armpits and legs. Most celebrities dread being caught with unsightly hair in photos that spread like wildfire over the Internet and can live in infamy (think Julia Roberts in 1999, at the Notting Hill premiere).  

Using celebrity hair removal products

              Consumers often follow celebrity beauty trends and tactics hoping to discover the secrets that make skin look so healthy and young.  It’s a good idea to research any hair removal products you read about celebrities using before purchasing them yourselves. Often the best way to remove hair depends on your budget and your timeline.  Celebrities usually don’t have a secret hair removal strategy – generally they rely on the same methods used by the rest of us: waxing, shaving, tweezing, creams and laser hair removal.

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Friday, October 12, 2012


Hello everyone!

   This past weekend a very important friend was getting married ... In my country it is a tradition to bring a cake to a wedding if you are one of the close family or friends. I wanted to make one at home but since I don't really have much time I decided to order it and it was so yummy, you'll see in the picture down bellow. I had planed to do a whole OOTD and make up look that day, but I was so overwhelmed I forgot to take pictures. I changed outfits twice but I only have a picture of the first one.

I forgot to take the hair pin when I was taking pictures :(

Thank you for stopping by

Monday, October 8, 2012


Hello everyone!!!

                  I'm in my home town this week and all of my family bombarded me with lots of questions about the pregnancy-I'm so tired. And a lot of my family members have a cold and I can't see them because I'm afraid that I might get it too. Other than that nothing new. My cramps are going away slowly and that makes me happy.

Symptoms: Nothing much , car sickness is whats new , I just started having this problem, I get sick in the car all the time, but no vomiting .

Emotions: Every week as my belly grows I'm more and more excited and overwhelmed 

Can't see my toes

Weight gain: Non this week

Sleep: Still can't get comfortable but since I'm tired because of all the traveling I slept better last night 

Movement: I'm not sure because this is my first pregnancy , but this week a lot of bubbles and kicks  in my belly , I'm almost 100 % sure it's the baby, I was amazed the first time I felt that

Gender: We'll find out in a few weeks, hopefully 

Food cravings: None!  i have been eating a lot of fruits 

Missing anything: Nothing at all

Looking forward: 4D ultrasound 

That is all for this week 
 Thank you

Sunday, October 7, 2012


         Every woman loves to receive jewellery as a gift. However, not all jewellery is created equal. You may think that the gemstone ring or gold hoops that you saw at her favourite jewellery store may be the perfect gift, but the difference between making her happy and blowing her away lies in the uniqueness and individuality of the jewellery. For this reason, bracelets with charms are fantastic gifts for your mother, sister, wife, or girlfriend. A charm bracelet is not only individualized, but it also provides her with a unique piece of jewellery that she can continue to customize throughout the years.

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Selecting charms for your loved one is a great experience. When shopping for charms for her new
Pandora bracelet, you can think about all the things that she loves and all of the special moments that you have shared together. Select a charm that reminds you of your first date, or a gemstone that corresponds with her birthday month. Special charms are made for moms, wives, sisters, and daughters. They can be loving, appreciative, and congratulatory. 

After your loved one receives her Pandora bracelet, she can continue to add charms to it for years to come. Every special occasion, holiday, birthday, and anniversary can be marked with a beautiful charm made of only the highest quality materials for durability and beauty.

Bracelets with charms are a gift that will continue to amaze the woman in your life for years to come. By selecting a Pandora bracelet and charms, you can ensure that your lucky lady has receives the absolute best charm bracelet and charms available today.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Hello everyone!

 This week I had my doctors appointment and I was so excited because I thought I would find out what we are having. But my baby is a lot like me stubborn and everything has to be his way. Our appointment was 30 minutes long and the baby was facing me all the time, so the doctor could not see what it is. So in two weeks it is my 4D ultrasound and then we definitely know. 

Symptoms: low abdomen cramping, bad once I got so scared and called my doctor, he told me it was just my uterus stretching and muscle cramping and that I should take Magnesium supplement to ease the pain. I've been taking them for three days now and I still have some cramping hopefully they'll go away.

Emotions: Scared because of all the cramping situation

Weight gain:1/2 kg  same as last week

Sleep: Using three pillows now , can't get comfortable 

Movement: Nothing yet 

Gender: Don't know 

Food cravings: Lemon juice, chocolate cake (I know it is bad but I love it)

Missing anything: High heels

Looking forward: New house decor, and slowly getting stuff ready for the baby

That is it for this week . 
Thank you