Monday, December 17, 2012


Hello everyone!!!

      I really want to post more updates about my pregnancy but I have no time. In this past weeks my belly has grown a lot , and regular clothes just look bad on me. I haven't gained a lot of weight but my belly is much more rounder. We are still deciding on the name, and what crib we are getting, stroller, clothes and all that fun stuff. I have a picture in my mind how everything should look. Here are a few nursery pics that I really like.

Symptoms: Still have back pain , some days it seams to go away but most of the time the pain is present. Other new symptom is a constant pain in my right rib cage-so uncomfortable .
Emotions: With every kick, every doctors visit I get more and more impatient to see my baby. I just really want to have her in my arms

Weight gain: 5 kg , 11 pounds and I am pretty happy with that 

Sleep: Since I'm sleeping on my nursing pillow I get more quality sleep. Sometimes when baby decides to have a party at 3 am I can't sleep for a few hours but I don't mind I love the moves.

Movement: Lot more movements , and they are getting even more stronger . I don't count movements like it is recommended because my baby moves lot more then that. 

Gender:  Baby GIRL
Food cravings: Nothing special  I love eating  frequently but not a lot. And lately I love sweets a lot, which is bad and I try to control myself 

Missing anything: Nothing I'm loving my belly

Looking forward:  Next doctors appointment , my blood was not that good last time I was there so now I wanna see if it is any better since I'm taking some special vitamins.

That is it for this update 
Sorry I don't have a picture of my belly


  1. Nice photo ;)
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    1. Thank you , I'll check out your blog for sure