Monday, November 19, 2012

Womens Black Friday Infographic

       I am so excited about the upcoming Black Friday! Are you? Just think about how many stylish things, beauty products and make-up you will buy with great discounts. I suddenly wondered: how much money can a woman spend on this special day? What items do women prefer to buy? After searching on the Internet I stumbled on an informative infographic that answered my questions and I hope will also be very useful to you.

          This infographic provides an insight into the statistical information about a special event called “The Black Friday”. It is not surprising that on this particular day the situation in the U.S. market changes abruptly – it is a day of grandiose sales, which has received its grim name for compelling reasons. However, this graphic involves only the statistical and financial issues of “The Black Friday”. Assessing the available data throughout the course of the last several years, we can make a notion that 48% of Americans, who are drastically active during this day, are women. Women of extremely diverse generations, races and social statuses year after year demonstrate stable and remarkably vibrant activity in this certain day. Almost a half of these women are ardently discussing the upcoming event of “The Black Friday” in all sorts of social networks. Also, this graph represents the parade of the most popular shops among women and goods, which are of the highest demand during the day. Moreover, one peculiar fact is about that 27% of women take urgent credits in the amount of approximately 500$ every year on “The Black Friday”.

womenspersonalfinance net black friday infographic v2 Womens Black Friday Infographic