Sunday, November 11, 2012


Hello everyone !!!

   Today I am 23 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I haven't done a pregnancy update for a while because I was super busy , I think my last one was when I was 19 weeks.  This past month a lot of things happened, I had to do so many check ups like confirming blood type mine and my husbands , 4d ultrasound , and lot more, but thankfully everything is just fine and my little baby is healthy. Here is my 23 week belly

Symptoms: Leg cramps every night, started to have back pain and can't find a sitting position that is comfortable for me.

Emotions:  Excited because I can feel my baby now, it's kicking a lot especially when I eat something sweet. The other day I felt like having a cup of coffee because I haven't had one since I'm pregnant and right after that movements were lot stronger and frequent and I got a bit scared (no coffee for me )

Weight gain: Total weight gain 2 kg , 4, 4 pounds 

 Sleep: Nights are always different sometimes I wake up at 3 am and can't go back to sleep at all , and sometimes leg crams are killing me, or I can't get comfortable so it depends , but overall I get 6 to 8 hours a good night sleep.

Movement: Baby is getting strong and big, I feel lots of movement now, especially at night when I first lay in bed , so excited that I can feel it now , I smile every time it moves :)

Gender: We finally had our 4D appointment and the baby was moving a lot and the doctor had difficulties seeing what it is but , and she told us that she is 90% sure that it is a GIRL. Hubby was so happy .

Food cravings:Nothing special, I eat a lot more now , just because I'm scared that my baby needs more food 

Missing anything: I love being pregnant, the only thing is I can not fit in my old cloths now and that is a bit depressing because It's kind of hard to find cute pregnancy friendly cloths

Looking forward:  I can't wait to see my baby , and start buying cloths, crib, bedding...

That is it for this pregnancy update, I'll try to update frequently
Thank you 

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