Tuesday, October 23, 2012


       We may not have all been blessed with a natural size ten frame and legs as long as Naomi Campbell’s, but the good news is we can all achieve the perfect body with a little knowledge, determination and hard work.

To achieve the perfect body five features need to become a consistent part of your lifestyle:
           Healthy eating
·         Drinking plenty of water
·         Regular exercise
·         Looking after your skin
·         Looking after your hair

Eat healthily
To lose weight and, most importantly, maintain your ideal size, eating healthily is essential. It’s a sensible move to make a food diary and write down everything you have consumed in a day as this will let you see exactly what you are eating and identify ways to improve your eating habits.
Junk food such as crisps, chocolate and chips should be avoided at all costs and substituted with plenty of fruit and vegetables, fish and wholegrains.

Drink plenty of water
Your healthy meals should all be flushed down with a generous dose of water. In fact, to own a body that is brimming with health and vitality you should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to help flush out any toxins and make your skin radiant and youthful.

Take regular exercise
To care for your body properly, regular exercise needs to be introduced into your lifestyle. As well as concentrating on cardio fitness, which will burn calories and help you slim down, do regular strength exercises that focus on specific muscle groups to help target weight loss in problem areas.

Look after your skin
For a perfect body in every department, you will need to establish a facial routine that is based on your skin type. Johnson’s Beauty range caters for different skin types, so finding skincare products that are suitable shouldn’t be difficult.
Moisturising daily and applying sunscreen each morning will help keep your skin looking healthy and full of vitality. Regularly exfoliating the skin (at least once a week) will remove any dead skin cells and leave you with radiant, beautiful skin.

Look after your hair
To achieve the perfect body your hair must not go neglected. Use a quality shampoo and conditioner and comb the knots through gently. Visit the hairdressers every eight weeks for a trim to remove any split ends and keep your hair looking vibrant and healthy.

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