Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The rich and famous experiment with the best way to remove hair

            From the way celebrities make it look, it seems that having flawless skin, toned bodies and perfectly coordinated outfits is easy. But the truth is celebrities, just like the rest of us, have to work for it. This includes the struggle of finding the best way to remove hair. From the elegant red carpet gowns to the trendy runway outfits, unwanted hair is a major enemy. So which hair removal products  and tactics are celebrities trying these days?


         Yep, even the rich and the famous still use this simple technique. Emmy Rossum, star of Shameless, recently discussed leg shaving with Chelsea Handler on the comedian’s late night show. Rossum confessed she recently taught a young co-star how to shave her legs, while Handler recalled her first time shaving as a girl, a disastrous experience without using soap or water. The male costars in Magic Mike also discussed shaving adventures, with Alex Pettyfer reportedly complaining of skin irritation and saying, “Oh my god, I don't know how women shave.”

Laser hair removal

        Celebrities looking for permanent results often turn to laser hair removal.  Although some celebs prefer to be tight lipped about the procedure, some have discussed it in the open. For example, both Tiffani Thiessen, from Beverly Hills, 90210 and Saved by the Bell, and Alyssa Milano, from Charmed and Who’s the Boss, have had laser hair removal.  Christopher Knight, from The Brady Bunch, made his treatment public – he had laser hair removal performed during an episode of Dr. 90210. While the cost of laser hair removal at a high-end celebrity salon might be out of your budget, not all laser hair removal prices are geared towards celebrity lifestyles. The average cost of laser hair removal for the bikini area is around $500. At-home laser hair removal prices are generally cheaper, with a $400 one-time price tag for a device that can be used on all body parts.

Hairiness not an option

             Despite a few celebrities who’ve come out against hair removal in favor of a natural look – mainly Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls and Mo’Nique, an actress and singer most recently in Precious – the public is weary to accept hairy armpits and legs. Most celebrities dread being caught with unsightly hair in photos that spread like wildfire over the Internet and can live in infamy (think Julia Roberts in 1999, at the Notting Hill premiere).  

Using celebrity hair removal products

              Consumers often follow celebrity beauty trends and tactics hoping to discover the secrets that make skin look so healthy and young.  It’s a good idea to research any hair removal products you read about celebrities using before purchasing them yourselves. Often the best way to remove hair depends on your budget and your timeline.  Celebrities usually don’t have a secret hair removal strategy – generally they rely on the same methods used by the rest of us: waxing, shaving, tweezing, creams and laser hair removal.

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