Monday, October 8, 2012


Hello everyone!!!

                  I'm in my home town this week and all of my family bombarded me with lots of questions about the pregnancy-I'm so tired. And a lot of my family members have a cold and I can't see them because I'm afraid that I might get it too. Other than that nothing new. My cramps are going away slowly and that makes me happy.

Symptoms: Nothing much , car sickness is whats new , I just started having this problem, I get sick in the car all the time, but no vomiting .

Emotions: Every week as my belly grows I'm more and more excited and overwhelmed 

Can't see my toes

Weight gain: Non this week

Sleep: Still can't get comfortable but since I'm tired because of all the traveling I slept better last night 

Movement: I'm not sure because this is my first pregnancy , but this week a lot of bubbles and kicks  in my belly , I'm almost 100 % sure it's the baby, I was amazed the first time I felt that

Gender: We'll find out in a few weeks, hopefully 

Food cravings: None!  i have been eating a lot of fruits 

Missing anything: Nothing at all

Looking forward: 4D ultrasound 

That is all for this week 
 Thank you