Monday, September 10, 2012

Wedding cakes- Guest post

As more and more engaged couples lately tend to choose having fresh and fun beach weddings rather than holding on to the traditional ones, the ideas for wedding cakes also went through some transformations. A wedding cake framed and decorated due to the beach theme serves an ideal addition for a beach wedding like, for example Palm beach wedding.

Although this cake is not beach-like but just take a look how really nice it is. That lovely couple of European bold groom with moustache and African-American bride with long dark hair looks truly awesome and very lovely. They make up such an amazing couple, so really cute and even a bit funny. And just pay attention to those huge blue butterflies looking out of the cake, they are that very unusual exotic thing that makes the cake eager for the beach wedding. It will be surely liked by all your friends, relatives and guests.

That’s another sweet wedding cake for a beach wedding and it looks so lovely and fun. This cake will fit great for a tropical wedding since there are tropical and bright flowers on the newlyweds’ figures and they make up truly stunning design elements that transform a usual boring wedding cake into a fun beach confection. Decorated and used as necklaces, those flowers add a touch of beauty and grace to any wedding cake. Those fresh violet orchids look beautiful and also add a tropical touch and peculiarity to the cake. Choose this cute topper for your wedding cake, you will never regret.

 This cake is even cuter than the two before it. It may seem simple but all that beauty with yellow cover and those beautiful sunflowers and lillies make it an absolutely fantastic confection for a wedding day. That white cream decoration makes the cake look even more yummy and attractive, thus creating a perfect color choice for it. Moreover, those white figures of bride and groom look also great, they are the core of this cake, something that makes it unique and truly aewsome. Such kind of cake will be the best decoration for your wedding dining table.

Here are ones of the most attractive wedding cakes for your beach wedding. It’s up to you which one of them to choose and make your wedding confection for everyone. Each of them will be liked by any of your guests.


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  2. This is such a very unique wedding cake. Really like the 1st wedding cake. Thanks for the share. :-)

    Unique Weddings

  3. these are really nice wedding cakes.. This year has def been the year of "wedding" and i noticed at all the weddings I attended, wedding cake wasn't the "main" attraction as it was before. I am seeing more small pastries instead.

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