Friday, September 21, 2012


Hello everyone!!!

          Today I wanted to share with you some of the Oriflame products that I did not take with me in my new house because I really didn't use them in the past at all. I used to be an Oriflame consultant and that is why I have a lot of products. I'm gonna show you all of them and write a short review under every picture. So lets start:

                -Aloe Vera face wash and toner- I never got the chance to use them properly because I always have a lot of face staff that I want to use, but the few times that I used them I didn't like them at all it was too gentle on my skin and I like face wash that is cleaning my face not just act like regular soap.

                     -Foot creams- I liked all of them but I have so many that I left this four behind. If you have not tried them you definitely should.

                   -Face masks- Same as the face wash and toner I didn't find them to clean my face at all I prefer the green clay instead .

                      -Hairx products a big NO. There are so many hair products that work wonders, Oriflame hair products are not what they claim to be.

-Concealer- Ok product , conceals well if you have a bit of redness but nothing more than that. I did not find this product helpful because it wad to dry for my skin and it looked caked up.

                  - Dancing Lade perfume-  The smell was just overwhelming for me , I like something soft and gentle , especially now that I am pregnant.

That was all, I hope you'll find this helpful 
Thank you


  1. I love oriflame!

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  2. Thanks for the review, it was really helpful!, what are your favorite face products (like scrub, toner..... ) ?

    1. I like Clean & Clear staff a lot as far as drugstore products.

  3. Good review.....I hv been using hairX spray for MY HAIR....omg!!! It seriously doesn't wrk :(

  4. I usually like Oriflame products, which is why I became a consultant too, but there are some bad ones as well. So thank you for this review! I'll know a bit more about what to buy now :)

  5. I have that foot scrub with me. Its amazing. Oriflame has one of the best products ! I really love the tea tree collection.