Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hello everyone!!!

                  I saw this tag on Cappuccino and Fashion blog and I decided to do the tag. My everyday makeup routine is the same for the past few months,  I have mastered it and I get ready in 5 minutes now. Here is what I use:

-Too Faced Natural eye palette: $35
-MAC Pro longwear foundation: $30
-Revlon 413 lipstick: $10
-Alverde face cream: $6
-IlovejustU blush: $5
-Golden Rose eyeliner $4
-Oriflame brow pencil: $3
-Scandal eyes mascara: $7
-Mac MSF: $29

Total: $ 129 

Not bad at all, I honestly thought it would be much more. 
All of this products last me for a very long time and they are my 
favorite products for the past few months

I hope you like this  posts , If you have one like this fell free 
to link it in the comments I would love to see it
Thank you

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