Monday, September 24, 2012


Hello everyone!

        Days fly away and here I am in my week 17. This week was a lot of fun, I attended two weddings and had a wonderful time At first I was a bit worried if I'm gonna be able to stand all day and night in heals but everything was just fine, I didn't have any problems. Soon I'll post pictures.

Symptoms: Nothing much this week, I had a burst of energy and felt amazing

Emotions:  Happy

Weight gain: 1/2 kg, and that is great because I lost a bit and I wanna get it back.

Sleep: I started to twist and turn a lot in my sleep, and I am dreaming a lot that is a bit exhausting

Movement: Nothing yet

Gender: We'll find out in a few weeks

Food cravings: This past week I love drinking milk, that is a plus because in the first trimester I couldn't stand the smell of the milk. The doctor suggested that I take prenatal vitamins because it is impossible to take all you need through food. I'm taking Pregnazon and so far my blood tests are good

Missing anything: Nothing at all

Looking forward: Doctors appointment hopefully the doctor calls me soon, cause I'm anxious.

Products I use: I was reading a lot about stretch marks and pregnancy and it seams that creams help but do not prevent stretch marks. The doctor recommended this baby cream:

           And also a lotion for the whole body because I have dry skin , and It works wonders -skin is smooth and not dry at all

              That is all for my update this week, sorry I don't have a picture of my bump but I promise next time I'll show you how it looks.
Thank you