Friday, July 6, 2012


Hello everyone!!!

      I have never used BH cosmetics products before, but since everyone is raving about their products and how pigmented they are I decided to try some of their products. On the web site there are a lot of different palettes that you can choose from, and also you can customize your own palette. After a good long browse I ordered the 5th edition palette. The service was great I got my order in just few days, and that was so strange for me because all of my other order get between 10-15 days to be here because I live so far away, but not the case with this one so that I a huge plus. Here is how it got here :
They did pack it well nothing was damaged
nice and shiny :)
Don't you just love the colors
close up
             I was amazed when I tried it and let me tell you it was a good investment, I love how pigmented these colors are matte and shimmering both. The finish of them is so soft they apply perfectly on the eye and cheek cause I like to use my eye shadows like blushes too.You get 120 eyeshadow for around 20$ , you can't beet that, and you can do so many different looks mixing different colors that the possibility's are endless. I did a lot of looks the past few days and I got a lot of compliments, I'll post one of the looks next week. You might be thinking now that I get paid to say good things about Bh cosmetics but that is not true, I purchased the palette  with my own money and I am not an affiliate so you can be sure that what I'm saying is my own opinion and true review of this product. 

Overall experience : 5+, I am only sad that I got just one pallet.
Would I get other Bh pallets: YES , definitely

 If you are looking for a good pallet that has matte and shimmering colors 
and it's affordable this a pallet for you.
Do you like it?

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  1. WOOOOWW That palette looks so professional! I wanna know how to use it :(
    Im now following you! :)

  2. Have fun with this palette!!Love it!!

    check my new outfit post

  3. so beautiful colors!

  4. I'm still dreaming of having a BH Cosmetics palette. I usually just do neutral eyes though so I'm pretty set for a while with the palettes I have