Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Are You Consumed By Convenience?

There’s no denying we live in an age of convenience. Services and appliances abound to make every day less arduous.
We live in a fast-paced world: we have televisions, the internet and media enabling us to experience real life in real time wherever we are. Information is always available at our fingertips – and this has altered the face of commerce immeasurably. Our daily lives can be managed at the click of a button, our every want and whim bought and paid for.
Housework is almost a thing of the past – we barely do any relative to the amount of time and hard labor it used to involve prior to the age of technology. Labor-saving devices such as washing-machines and dishwashers have altered the way we manage our homes. Likewise, fridges and freezers have almost eradicated the need to shop daily. And today, as online supermarket shopping grows in popularity, the peril of perishable goods barely seems relevant.
Indeed, why cook at all when an assortment of fast-food outlets is just waiting to take this chore off our hands? You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to assuage your hunger.
Should you choose to leave home to shop, however, you’re at liberty to pick a time that is most convenient to you. After all, we are living in a 24-hour society these days. You can pop to your local convenience store at any time of the day and pick up not only a pint of milk but also a parcel, courtesy of Collect plus. Who needs the traditional hours kept by the likes of post offices when much of what they do in a limited time frame can now be done when it suits us?
What’s continually baffling, however, is that the main aim of convenience is to free up our time for more pleasurable pursuits. It’s supposed to diminish our daily grind and enable us to shoot the breeze, stop to smell the roses and savour the simpler things in life. Why then, do we just seem to be busier?
We’re busier working to pay for our consuming and likewise being consumed by our work. It’s telling that more households have an internet connection than own a dishwasher, despite the latter being far less new-fangled than the former. A dishwasher is designed to save time, whereas the internet indisputably consumes it. So when we all claim to be pushed for time, why do we waste it so readily?
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