Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gel nails

Hello everyone!!!

          My nails were always bad quality , so after trying tons of different products to strengthen my nails I put on the gel nails. They had to put the plastic nail  because I had no nail whatsoever. I was happy with the look but the glue that they used completely destroyed my real nails so I took a brake from it. Now, two years later I got so tired of painting my nails every second day and I really wanted to have the gel nails again. But, this time I wanted to grow out my own nails  and didn't put the plastic nail again  only the gel. 

The growing process
                 In this picture my gel nails are a week old and they are pretty short as you can see. And on the next picture they are refiled after three weeks. In the salon the say that you are supposed to fill them in in four weeks but I couldn't wait that long. 

The refill

Color -
 Not a huge fan of a lot of decorations going on, and as fur as color I have no preferences, it depends on the mood I'm at the exact moment .
Depends , I get them done for 10 $
Benefits -
Not painting your nails,good looking , and durable 
Same color for three weeks ( you can paint the gel with nail polish  to change the color), 
Do I recommend them- 
Yes I do recommend them, especially for those of you with problematic nails.

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