Friday, May 18, 2012


Hello everyone!!!

Finally a Dm store in our country. I went to the opening and got a few things, that I liked. Usually here where I live there is never a 50% sale on products, everything is quite expensive but Dm does a monthly sale on products so that way I can try out new stuff and not pay a lot. This time I only got a few essentials but they carry a lot of brands and have a lot of products. Here is what I got :

Eye shadow brush and a lip liner brush ( they work great )

I needed this for the longest time
Elise falsies(personally love this two)

Two for me , one for hubby :)
Smells amazing 

A small one for my purse
I always get a body lotion , I just love to have different once
This one makes my hands so smooth , I love it

  That is it
I hope you like it
Thank you


  1. Nice!
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  2. nice the falsies come with a glue too ?? and dm stores are in india too ?? pls tell me where ??

  3. Great shopping, we have one across the border in germany!

    Enjoy your weekend! xoxo

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  9. I'm in love with this extra long eyelashes ! *_* They look so incredible. Kiss x