Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hello everyone!!!

This past few days I had a lot of time on my hands, and my favorite time to do when I have a lot of time is to shop. I was a bit disappointed of the shopping because I didn't find the things I was looking for, but there is always something out there that I'll need so I won't go home empty handed. Here is what  got :

-Clean & Clear wash and a face cream- I have never tried their products before and I'm pretty amazed , because it really cleared out my skin after just one use, and It was so cheap amazing to fill in an extra wash in your routine. I usually use them in the morning and before I go to sleep, and I did not buy a toner because I have a lot left from the other one that I have so I did not need another one.
7$ each ( that is a good price )

  -Afrodita eye cream- You have seen this cream in my previous posts and I decided to repurchase it because I really don't have any complains . It is an ok product, but if you have any recommendations please let me know I would love to try something else.
Afrodita cream -10$ ( I don't thing you can buy this on internet )

-Flormar and GOSH nail polishes- Flamar is a cheap and good for the price product. But GOSH on the other hand is a very good product for the price, it stayed on without chipping so I really liked that :)
Flormar M124- 2$, GOSH no.596- 5$
-Fashion Accessorize bag- When I saw this bag I thought- a girl can never have too many bags...and I just love it. The material is very nice, and inside it has so many compartments its crazy.
Bag - 30$

-Necklace - Such a cute necklace -
OWL necklace- 6$
-Accessorize Flower rings - You all gonna think I am weird for buying two rings that are the same, only the color is different. But I just liked it so much that I just had to have the two of them.
Accessorize rings 6$ each   

-Organizer - I am a person that makes lists. So I needed something to organize my blog lists, my to do lists and I came across this handy thing .
Organizer- 5 $

-Books- I love reading-
Books-8$ each 

  That is It
I hope you liked my mini haul
Thank you

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