Friday, February 17, 2012


Hello everyone!!!

When I was cleaning my drawers the other day, I found a lot of junk , from broken necklaces, earrings, and other stuff. So I decided that I don't want to throw them away, because  some of them are very cute.
So I collected everything and   I made some nice headbands.  I've been doing this before and instead of spending 15 dollars on a fancy headband I spend a  dollar or two. Here is a step by step tutorial so you can do this by your self , for you or maybe as a gift...

Just buy simple headbands from the dollar store , any size, any color, whatever you want it doesn't mater.

I chose a thin black plastic one. Start twisting the satin ribbon round the headband and use super glue to secure it. I recommend you don't put the glue at once through the whole headband , because it will dry out. Line little parts with glue and twist, and make sure the ends are not sticking out.

After the whole ribbon is super glued on the headband, look through your broken pieces of jewelry, studs, e.t.c. and pick one that you would like to decor the  headband with. I picked this broken earring. To attach the jewelry on the band, you will need a silicone gun , because it is much more durable than super glue. Measure first where you would like to put it and then put silicone on the jewelry  and hold it in place for a few seconds.

 And there you have it , your own creation, a headband that is unique and no one has it. Of course you can add other stuff if you want, but I like my headbands to be simple and elegant .If you are using feathers or other decoration you can easily conceal the ends with ribbon.

  And this next photo is an old headband that I still wear and love. And is made out of an old t-shirt.

Hope you all liked this, and found it helpful 
Thank you 
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  1. Diy Headbands, great idea!!!
    Thanks for sharing, I will most certainly create my own =)

  2. Looks great. You're really creative.

  3. Can't believe you made that last hairband out of an old tshirt! It looks soo cute.

  4. Wow, it looks really great!
    Love, Milena

  5. wow that looks amazing!
    I am so un-creative i could never pull something like this off. This honestly looks like something you'd pay a small fortune for in Accessorize! x x x

  6. You are so creative girl!
    Simply loving it, it's gorgeous!
    Following you right away:-)

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  7. great idea for handmade :D
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  8. Wow! Nice DIY :)

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  9. I love the outcome! very pretty!

  10. great DIY =)

    Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!


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  12. What a fabulous idea - I love it! The end result is so fabulous!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I'm looking forward to reading more on your lovely blog!

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  14. great DIY, i must try it! (:


  15. You make it look so easy! :) I am surely gonna try this! :)
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    Namita <3

  16. i wish i have the creativity and patience to do this. My hands are not made for crafts and DIY stuff

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  17. oh, nice DIY. thanks for share this. I love DIY. :)

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  18. I love headbands but has never thought of making my own. Thanks for the inspiration. Visiting from A bowl full of lemons.