Wednesday, January 25, 2012


       Split ends was the topic that a follower Nora asked me to talk about, and of course I always answer your requests. Did you know that 50 % of women have problems with split ends. There are many things that can cause split ends, and in this post I am going to tell you what they are and how to prevent them.

1.First lets start with the main and most important thing and that is HEAT- Overheating your hair and not protecting it properly can cause the hair to break. Try using the least heat possible, and if you do use it use a heat protector spray. There are a lot of heat protectors out there you just have to find one that suits you. Another thing that you can do is never use the highest setting on your blow dryer, curling iron e.t.c.

2.Comb / Brush-  Never comb your hair wet - that can cause a lot of fuzziness and can break your hair. While brushing your hair start from the bottom and work your way up, so you're not puling your hair hard  to detangle it .

3.Mask/Conditioner - Using a good mask and conditioner can help a lot with hair health. Nutrition is the key to healthy hair.  I'm not saying that you have to buy an expensive product , just the right one for your hair type. I find that leave in conditioners work better than the regular ones.  You can also use olive oil or almond oil to condition hair

4. Trim- If you do have split ends you have to trim them cause there's nothing more unappealing than frizzy hair with split ends that you can not even put your fingers in it.  And if you really want to grow out your hair and trimming is not an option for you, than use my technique for prolonging the trimming .

        Split your hair in two parts. Put one part out of the way , and work first with the other.  
                                  Take small pieces of hair and twist them like this:
                      You're going to see the split ends sticking through . And don't forget the end of the pieces 
              And then continue the procedure with the rest of the hair . When you're done you'll notice that brushing your hair is much easier, and your hair is much smoother and healthy looking .

My hair was trimmed a few days ago

I hope this was helpful  
Thank you 


  1. I never thought of that way. thanks for the good advice


  2. thank you for the tips, are very useful, I use a good hair product that is helping me a lot repairing my hair, it's Pro Naturals Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment with Heat Protector, it helps strengthen the hair that's prone to breakage, smoothes the hair, reduces Frizz and helps prevent heat damage, plus leaves hair healthy, shiny and resilient. I totally recommend it !! :D

    1. Thanks I'll definitely try that product