Friday, December 30, 2011


Hello everyone!
I just wanted to let you know that the giveaway will end on the 5th of January 2012, and I will announce the winner on the 6th. So that leaves you with a few days more to enter this giveaway ...

                                                 Enter here Lipstick giveaway

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hello everyone!
Today I wanted to show you my most used bags for this year. You'll see by the photos that many of my bags look similar and that is because I am not a big fan of changing my bag three times a day. I mean don't get me wrong I love bags but there was a time when I tried using more then one bag in one day, but I would always forget something in the other one-keys , money, phone- so you can imagine why I don't do that anymore. Now I pretty much reach for the same bags over and over again. 
So here they are I hope you like them. 
And maybe you can recommend me a bag, perhaps your favorite.

Thank you

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hello everyone !
Here is the list of my favorite make up products for 2011

Moisturizer VICHY



Eye primer: URBAN DECAY




Lipstick: MAC BRAVE

Lip balm: NIVEA


Brushes: SIGMA

What are your top favorite products for 2011???

Monday, December 26, 2011


5  days before NY and you probably know the place where you'll be going , the outfit that you'll be wearing and now it's the right time to practice a bit with your make up. Here is the look that I came up with. And down below I'll put links to my previous make up looks -maybe some other look will suit you more than this one, although this look will match a lot of outfits. Hope You'll find this helpful

 Other looks that might interest you


Have fun practicing
Thank you

Sunday, December 25, 2011


    I absolutely love the holidays - spending time with your relatives, gifts exchanging, getting family photos taken... Everything about the holidays makes me smile. Looking back on old Christmas photos I realize that not many people know how to do their make up properly -picture perfect . So lets go on to the tips
Tip 1
Never use a foundation with SPF if you are taking photos. SPF reflects and your face will show a lot whiter then it really is. Try using cream foundations, and a good moisturizer cause you don't want your foundation to look all dried out .

Tip 2
Your face and neck should never be a different color . Apply foundation on the neck too, and blend well, cause there is nothing worse than looking like your head has been attached  to your body afterwards.

Don't be afraid to use a bit more color for picture day. Camera washes colors out, so that is why you need to apply a bit more than normal, but be careful and don't overdo it.

Use a powder to set everything and to have a mat texture , you don't want to look oily 
 Tip 5
Don't forget to contour and highlight, you can do almost anything with contouring and highlighting, any imperfection that you have can be downsized with this technique
Tip 6
Eyebrows are also very important. If you have a full face of make up imagine how your eyebrows will look if you don't define them. But then again don't overdo it.
Tip 7
If you are wearing glasses you should stay in the frame of the eye glasses. Don't put eye shadow outside the frame.
Tip 8
Line your eyes twice , once before putting the false lashes and after applying them so you won't have gaps in between
Tip 9
You can never go wrong with false lashes. They can make your eyes look more open and more defined. Apply them properly otherwise your eye can look asymmetrical, and weird.

If you are a person that does not wear any make up, you shouldn't be reading this blog...just joking everyone is welcomed here, I even have a tip for you too. Put on your best smile I guarantee you'll look amazing  .
I hope you all liked this
Thanks for stopping by

Friday, December 23, 2011


       Winter is not my favorite time of the year, and that is mainly because of two reasons- frizzy hair and dry skin. The frizzy hair I can handle, but the dry skin is just not something that you can ignore. Dry skin can be dull , red or flaky,and the worst part is the itchiness. Dry skin is a very common problem, that's why I decided to write this post and help other people that don't know how to handle this problem. 
Dermatologists say that the most common cause of dry skin is the dry air in winter. What I used to do was stay under hot water  for a long time and use a lot of exfoliating products thinking that that would help me get rid of the flakiness, and right after that I would apply moisturizer on dry skin. But instead of getting better my skin got worse -over washing your skin can wash away the natural oils that protect your skin, and moisturizer should always be applied on damp skin. And you don't have to spend a lot of money on expensive body lotion, I'm using Neutrogena body lotion and it works perfectly for me. I really recommend it. And to end this story  with the most important thing and that is that you mustn't forget to drink a lot of water throughout the day so your skin stays moisturized and healthy looking . 
I hope you'll find this useful. If you have any questions or requests please let me know.
Thank you

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


 Hello everyone !!!

Here is a hair style that my friend did for me, for a dinner party. So the holidays are coming and I  thought  I'd share it with you all so you can do it yourself for the holidays. Is very easy and elegant. And of course you can add accessories to make it more festive . 

Sorry for the bad quality( I forgot my camera )
I hope you like it

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hi everyone!
So in some of my make up posts I shared that I'm using Golden Rose this or Golden Rose that, and many of you are wondering what company is that. It is a Turkish make up company , and in my country it's spread out a lot. I usually use their nail polishes , eye pencils, eye shadows ,lipsticks... And today I am giving away a lipstick for you to try out. You'll be getting three lipsticks , two that are shown here and No.94. You can go to GR website if you want to see the color.
A nude mate lipstick No.98 (dupe Revlon nude attitude)

Red matte lipstick No.65

How to enter:
1. Be a public follower
2. Leave a comment down bellow with your GFC and e-mail,and if you do any of the extra entries leave a link

Extra entries :
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If you want to win three lipsticks please enter
This giveaway is open Internationally and ends December 31
I hope You all like this giveaway 
Thank you for stooping by

Disclaimer: I am not getting paid to do this post I both everything with my one money

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


 Boots and Dress by - Stradivarius
Jacket -Zara
Bag- Doca
Tights -For Lady Black 

Saturday, December 10, 2011


        A Detox Diet (also called a cleansing diet) will remove toxins and poisons from your body. The idea of a good detox diet is to eat pure and natural foods that will aid the function of the lymph, kidneys, and liver. All foods that hinder the regime will be avoided. This definition is to strict for me, and I don't think I can stick to eating only vegetables and fruits, I need more food to function. There are many diets online to help you detox your body but if you only want to stay healthy and not loose weight you can try my way of detoxing :).
What I like to do is to eat one regular meal, and that can be anything ( home made, not junk food) and for breakfast and dinner I drink a juice. In between I drink a lot of water and If I really get hungry I'll eat a very small peace of cheese. Anyway to keep this story short I don't eat like this all year round because I'll lose a lot of weight and I don't want that. Three times a year for a month and I'm good. As for the rest of the months I just eat what ever I want but I strictly stay away from junk food.
My healthy shopping
 And now the juice of the day:
1 pear
1 orange
2 kiwis 
and a hand full of blackberries
You can add as much as you want
I use a blender (everything stays in)-if it's too thick just add some water


    Lets not forget the beauty part of it- health from within is glowing out

Friday, December 2, 2011


This past few days I've been feeling worse then ever, everything is bugging me , I feel tired all the time, and it was finally time for me to do something about it.  So since yesterday I'm detoxing myself . I have to say it's a bit hard at the beginning but I hope I'll get used to it in a few days. What I usually do is to eat only one regular meal ,  for breakfast and dinner I juice, and I don't eat snacks. I'm doing this not because I am overweight, it's just because I want to improve my health.
Today for dinner I made ...
  I used 2 kiwis 
1 apple
1 pear 
and water

I hope you'll try this's  very yummy