Sunday, December 25, 2011


    I absolutely love the holidays - spending time with your relatives, gifts exchanging, getting family photos taken... Everything about the holidays makes me smile. Looking back on old Christmas photos I realize that not many people know how to do their make up properly -picture perfect . So lets go on to the tips
Tip 1
Never use a foundation with SPF if you are taking photos. SPF reflects and your face will show a lot whiter then it really is. Try using cream foundations, and a good moisturizer cause you don't want your foundation to look all dried out .

Tip 2
Your face and neck should never be a different color . Apply foundation on the neck too, and blend well, cause there is nothing worse than looking like your head has been attached  to your body afterwards.

Don't be afraid to use a bit more color for picture day. Camera washes colors out, so that is why you need to apply a bit more than normal, but be careful and don't overdo it.

Use a powder to set everything and to have a mat texture , you don't want to look oily 
 Tip 5
Don't forget to contour and highlight, you can do almost anything with contouring and highlighting, any imperfection that you have can be downsized with this technique
Tip 6
Eyebrows are also very important. If you have a full face of make up imagine how your eyebrows will look if you don't define them. But then again don't overdo it.
Tip 7
If you are wearing glasses you should stay in the frame of the eye glasses. Don't put eye shadow outside the frame.
Tip 8
Line your eyes twice , once before putting the false lashes and after applying them so you won't have gaps in between
Tip 9
You can never go wrong with false lashes. They can make your eyes look more open and more defined. Apply them properly otherwise your eye can look asymmetrical, and weird.

If you are a person that does not wear any make up, you shouldn't be reading this blog...just joking everyone is welcomed here, I even have a tip for you too. Put on your best smile I guarantee you'll look amazing  .
I hope you all liked this
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