Friday, November 25, 2011


Today I'll show you how to do a fun and very easy look that you can wear for any occasion.

1. Apply an eye primer, I'm using Still Glamorus eye and lip primer
2. With a 252 brush apply an orange color all over the moving lid like so
I'm using Golden Rose mousse in No.2

3. Taking a darker green-gold color place it in the outer V and blend it like so
I used Heirloom pigment from SGC and a 275 brush

4. Then line your eyes, put mascara and apply you favorite false lashes
Liquid liner by Golden Rose

Mascara Falsies by Maybelline
Elise false lashes No:6557

 And you're done
I hope this was useful
Thank You


  1. beautiful!!

    xo, Cathrine

  2. such a beautiful eye makeup!
    i might try it sometime!

  3. This looks great! What brands are the eyeshadows? - Dreama

  4. @Candy Apple Fashion The lighter one is from Golden Rose a brand that we have here in my country, and the darker one is From Still Glamorus Cosmetics