Sunday, September 11, 2011


Finally I got to do the haul. All of this a bought in 30 min. Yeah for me. Fast spender 

I love this, makes my skin look flawless, you can see I've used it a lot this weak

Heat protect, cause I use the flat iron a lot

eyeshadow and blush 1euro each , very pigmented 

Face masks,I'll try them out tonight and tell you what I think

I like to change my shampoo and conditioner all the time

Travel size hair spray, I's not what I was hoping for
Hand cream for my bag

Shower gel, smells amazing

Nail polishes
More nail polishes 
Something for Sofija, HOW CUTE ARE THEY


  1. I have the same hear protector, it's really good! :)

  2. hey i use the same syoss heat protector, do you like it ?

    i have tried out those masks and i really like them! have you used them yet ?, if yes did you like them ?

    and i had that yellow nail polish once.. didn't really like the colour :/, but what do you think of it ?

    i love baby clothes! <3, every time i see them i go crazy lol, mostly when i see those teeny tiny shoes <3

  3. I've used the heat protector twice and so far so good. The masks I liked a lot I'm gonna by lots more, and the nail polish I didn't like it. And since this haul post I got lot more clothes for Sophia, I simply can't resist, so so cute...

  4. nice haul maya...hw is the syoss product???my friends tried the shampoo+conditioner and did not like it...