Sunday, August 14, 2011


             Make up brushes are one of the things that I love to collect.  I don’t know if it’s only me , but I love to own a lot of stuff (makeup related )especially brushes. In the past I used to go out with friends and come home with a new brush, weird isn’t it?  But now after a few years I stopped doing that for only one reason- who needs that many??? I mean there’s no way you’ll need six pencil, 8 powder and 10 liner brushes.  Now I own a normal amount of brushes, take good care of them and the once that I thing I won’t need I give them away.
I took these photos while I was washing  the brushes, so Y’all see what I use on everyday bases. Mostly SIGMA, some GOSH and ARTDECO.
            And  for the washing part- I use dish washing soap, olive oil and warm water, and that works for me. 

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