Wednesday, April 13, 2011


            If you have dry hands, yellow nails, dry areas around your nails, I have a great and very simple solution for your problem.  I’m sure you all have used different hand creams, and  some of them worked very well.  But this quick fix will have mind blowing results. 

            Remove your nail polish, file your nails, wash them well with warm water, dry them with towel, and then take your hair conditioner and rub a good amount on your nails and hands, massage it until it disappears. After 5 min rinse with warm water. Try this  and you’ll be very pleased, your hands will be softer than ever and your nails whiter with rosy finish.  Any hair conditioner will work, I use whatever I find in my shower.


  1. Hmmm I definitely am going to give this a try. I have major dry skin. Especially on the hands.

    - Sarah

  2. Use this only on your hands, I have never try this on the rest of my body..

  3. I love your tips, i have never heard about this one, but i use Vaseline Healthy hand and Nail conditioning, which i love very much. Im always open to something new though :)

  4. Well this is only one product that every girl has in her shower , it is easy and cheap, definitely try it.