Thursday, April 28, 2011


          Oily skin and black heads are very common problems that we girls have to deal with . So here are two recipes  that you can make in a second, and be very happy with the results.

Recipe no.1

INGREDIENTS:  15gr mint and 2,5dl hot water
HOW TO PREPARE: Pour the hot water over the mint and cover it. Strain it after half an hour. Seal well the bottle with the lotion, and store it in a fridge.
USAGE: This lotion is used for oily skin and skin with black heads. If you put a little alcohol in it (few drops) you’ll get better results. Clean your face with the lotion at least twice a day. You can use this as long as you want.

Recipe no.2

INGREDIENTS: 25gr pumpkin seeds and 2,5dl 70%alcohol
HOW TO PREPARE: Clean the pumpkin seeds and then pour the alcohol over them. Leave it on the sun for 6 days, then strain. The lotion should be kept in a fridge.
USAGE: Wash your face very well. Then apply this lotion to your face and massage it lightly. This lotion disinfects the face and cleans the black heads over a longer period of time. 

Bottles for the lotions

Very important. All of these home made remedies will help you but you can not expect it after one use - be persistent and you'll have great and long lasting results.

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  1. Thanks for this recipe!
    I want to try the first one.
    I have both oily & blackhead skin so this is perfect for me.