Monday, March 21, 2011


          The hair reveals your health: if the hair looses the natural shine, tends to get greasy, or gets too dry, falls out like crazy maybe it’s time for you to see a doctor… But if your not ready yet to go and get checked  read the following and I guarantee you results  in no time.
          Start off with the hygiene of your hair . Wash you hair with organic shampoos, stay away from those hard industrial shampoos or shampoos for volume, because they are too alkaline and in time they’ll destroy your hair . There are good ones with extracts of nettle  and chamomile .

          Stop torturing you hair. It is enough to wash and brush your hair , at the same time you’ll be massaging the scalp. Also don’t overuse heat, if you do use heat use a heat protecting spray , so the damage is not so big, and don’t color the hair so often, once a month or even less is the best.  

          So here is  a DO IT AT HOME mask that is easy, cheap and very efficient.

          Mask for dry hair:
INGREDIENTS:  o.5 dl olive oil and 0.5dl ricinus (castor) oil
HOW TO PREPARE IT: Mix the two ingredients and stir well.
USAGE:  apply the mixture at the roots and the ends of the hair. Massage it and put foil over it. Take a wet towel ( hot water) and put it on the foil. And when it gets cold wet it again. Repeat the process for three hours. Wash  the hair and let it air dry.

         I hope this was helpful for some of you. On my next blog post HOW TO MAKE MASKS FOR NORMAL HAIR.     

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