Sunday, March 27, 2011


             Summer is all most here. And with it the bright yellow sun and the beautiful colorful flowers.So I bet you'll be very inspired to do different make-up looks that will suit your colorful clothing and floral prints. Instead of buying many different eyeshadow, that will cost you tons of money and having a difficult time deciding what colors to buy, there is a very affordable palette that has 88 different colors and gives you variety.

       Coastal Scents palettes are well known round the world. I've used them forever (since I've start using make-up) There are few facts that I can guarantee of about this palettes, and a few photos that prove this .

1.They are of great quality and affordable
2.They have a lot of colors and are hughly pigmented
3.You can use them all year round
4. They are compact

Everything you've seen in nature can be found in the palette . Just look at this photos

                                   Did you notice that every color on the flowers is in the palette


  1. I remember my ex-colleagues lemming this set as well.

    They said it was very cheap for the amount of product and colours they get. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. Thanks so much! I have heard about coastal scents and how good the product is for the price. Definitly something that i will keep in mind, wanting to buy this! :)

  3. Yes, definitely do buy it. Have fun with it:)